3 Best Ways To Make Your JIRA Work Faster

Undeniably, JIRA has its constraints when it comes to its speed of working, however, there are several ways to make JIRA run faster and more efficiently.

Are you wondering how to make it? Here is a guide which will help you improve your JIRA productivity.


Database Management System

DBMS helps you to administer and manage your database in JIRA.

There are many different systems, for example:

  • MySQL;
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebird;
  • Oracle Database;
  • MS SQL.

The key issue in making JIRA faster is the use of a proper database management system. It’s very important, especially when your JIRA is overloaded with information.

I would recommend using PostgreSQL. After making the switch from your old database management system I assure that you will feel the difference.

The embedded database “H2” is not supported in production, have a look here to find out how to properly connect the database with JIRA.



If you are using JIRA you need to have quite good quality hardware in your computer.

The picture is in my native language, but you can easily figure out that it shows the parameters of CPU and memory use, while only the following were in use:

  • My JIRA on localhost – without much data;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Mozilla Thunderbird.

As you can see, the resources were using up more than half of the processor’s capacity merely to sustain the software, with no particular action being taken.

And so, how good hardware do you need?

  • For a small number of projects (up to 100) with the total number of 1,000 to 5,000 issues and about 100-200 users, you should have multicore CPU and 2GB of available RAM and a reasonably fast hard drive (7200 rpm or faster).
  • For more than 100 projects you should monitor JIRA memory usage and allocate more memory if necessary.
  • In fact, you will often need a very powerful computer, especially in production, such as 2 Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz (16 logical cores) with 32GB of RAM.

Head over here to read the original documentation.


What else

Sometimes when you don’t have the possibility to invest in better hardware, you can use certain applications that will make the whole process of using JIRA faster and more convenient.



A solution provided by Atlassian, HipChat will allow your team to communicate easier, and thus resolve JIRA issues much faster than usually.

Have a look at the movie to find out how it works.


Issue Templates

This JIRA add-on allows you to create an issue from a template, simplifying a lot of daily tasks. But that’s not all. It offers a multitude of powerful features, such as:

  • Autocomplete – automatically insert predefined values from your templates to new issues and transitions.
  • Variables – insert predefined variables into fields when creating a new issue. External variables are static, dynamic variables will change as you create your issue.
  • Copy Subtasks – automatically copy subtasks from templates into your new issues.


Have a look at the movie to find out more information:



The problem with speed of JIRA is quite common. Sometimes it’s not enough to improve the hardware in your computer or set a proper database, instead you need to reach out for something more.

Head over here to read more about Issue Templates and try it for free by downloading it from Atlassian Marketplace.

If you have any problems with JIRA or with Issue Templates configuration, don’t hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn.

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