3 steps to make every work in JIRA faster (Issue Templates add-on)

Every IT team manager dreams about such a solution that would allow the team to decrease the time spent on trivial actions, that are not bringing value into the entire process. Most common problems everyone’s facing (and which might be solved by Issue Templates add-on) are:


Fulfilling issues with the same text all over again (using autocomplete option)

How this can be solved?

  • You can add an additional custom field at the beginning of the issue, where specific fields will be autocompleted, depending on the selected option.

Where it can be used?

  • Everythere
    • where team members are forced to create at least one repeatable issue. Repetitive tasks usually lead to routine and thereby, to making mistakes. Chances of scaling time-efficiency gain on every time you auto-fill fields. They are determined only by the number of actions you took in JIRA – so, they are limitless,  I can say

Rewriting the same words into different places in the issue (using variables)

How this can be solved?

  • When creating an issue you can replace variable with the value and make it appear in every demanded place in the created issue.

Where it can be used?

  • Everywhere
    • Let me give an example – after hiring a new employee, HR department may need to place his/her name into several issues (to create a new e-mail, to order a new laptop etc.). All these things can be done on the spot – with only one click. Once you type the name and the last name, they appear automatically everywhere you want.


Enforce values to appear in issues on transition (using copy value)

How this can be solved?

  • You can use “copy value” option to fulfill fields in issues during workflow transition

Where it can be used?

  • When during transition you want to make an issue autofilled with the specific data. In other words, when your process on the specific step is being changed repeatedly.



  • Most of the repeatable actions can run automatically in your JIRA, to check if you could make your work easier install Issue Templates add-on:

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