CTOs Will No Longer Accept JIRA Add-ons That Don’t Deliver ROI


Intuitive-driven business as we’ve seen for a few last  decades will disappear.

CTOs know that, thanks to technology, they can gain access to more data than several years ago and that is what they do when making decisions. Whenever possible, they try to  measure the future results of their investments and forecast the returns, and it is hardly surprising. Each of the company’s directors is expected to deliver financial profits..

JIRA admins or other technicians are forced not to discuss the features of the software, but only the  quantitative results it might bring.

The main questions asked by a CTO will always be:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Will this investment return, and if so, when?

Answering the first question doesn’t pose any problem – the prices are available on the market :). But in case of the second one is concerned, I’ll give you an example which you may use as  the future template for counting ROI (Return On Investment).

Counting ROI of the add-on

Our main ROI-driven solution for JIRA is called Issue Templates. It has three main features that allow to save time off the employee’s work:

  • Autocopy – auto-fulfillment of text in specific fields just after creating the issue (it might be provided by selection in custom field),
  • Copy –  fulfillment of the issue fields during transition (e.g. when moved from “IN PROCESS” to “DONE”), or after the issue has been created.
  • Variables – it allows to copy the  same value in selected places of the issue fields and sub-tasks. While creating a new issue, variables such as the like current date may be pasted automatically, or be manually filled in by the user. Automatically inserted variables not only speed up work but also prevent from mistakes, for example when the user needs to type somebody’s name several times.


  • Installing the Issue Templates feature will allow each user, on  average, to save 1% of time during the day (5 min) average working-hour cost of each professional is at least $50
  • The cost of installing a plugin for 100 users is $600

Based on this – using  simple math, it can be concluded that with Issue Templates each employee saves $4.1 every day.

What does it mean for 100 JIRA users’ instance:

  • The add-on investment will return in 9 hours;
  • during a year (252 days), the income from those savings from a single employee will amount to  $1033, and for the whole company $103 300

If you’re still not convinced that you will be able to save as much as 1% of time – take this  into consideration:

  • 0,5% time saving, income = $51 650, ROI = 68 (profit\cost – it means that each dollar spent on this investment will return 68 times)
  • 0,25% = $25 825, ROI = 43

Key takeaways

Regardless of the cost of the specific add-on, if there is a possibility to facilitate working with JIRA – this kind of investment is worth taking, especially from a  CTO’s point of view. When we think in terms of numbers, such a decisions might bring tremendous results.

PS Free Issue Templates 30-day trial

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