How to copy subtasks from templates on Cloud?


The first step is creating a project that will serve as your templates repository – that’s where you will be storing every single template you create.

Next, you need to add the Templates field to the screen of your target project – that’s something you need to do only once for every project. Without taking this step, you won’t be able to use Issue Templates.

Before you copy subtasks from your templates to newly created issues, add the Template field to the screen of the project in which you plan to create these new issues.

In order to do this, click on your project.

On the left-hand side there’s a menu bar where you should click Project settings. Under the category Details, you’ll see Screens tab. Click on it to see a table that lists all operations and corresponding screens.

Select the first screen – Create Issue. That’s how you’ll be able to configure that screen.

You’ll get a list of different fields. If you don’t see a field called Template, you’ll need to add it manually. You can do that by typing Template in the field at the bottom of the list and selecting the right option from the drop-down list.

Once you’ve got your new Templates field, you can move its position on the list as needed.

Now it’s time to create a new template.

Go to your template repository and create a new issue. Fill it with information. If you can’t see the Template field, click on the right-hand corner link that will take you to manual setting of that field in the Configure Screen area.

Now look at the section called Issue Summary. You’ll see a panel entitled Template summary with three fields – template name, Scope, and Copy subtask.

To make sure that the subtasks added to your your template are copied to issues created on the basis of that template, you need to turn that option on. It should become green. Don’t forget to save these changes.

How to add subtasks to your template?

Adding a subtask to a template is easy because your template is like a regular issue. On the right-hand side of the screen you’ll see a three dots button – click on it and you’ll get a list with Create subtask option.

Create your subtasks by filling in the fields like summary and description. If you don’t define a different Scope for copying that subtask, it will copied to your new issues in accordance with the default Scope you set for that template.

Create an issue with subtasks from template

Now head over to the project where you want to create a new issue on the basis of your template.

Create a new issue, making sure that the field says Template. Fill it with information and you should get a new issue that includes all the subtasks. Refresh the page in order to see your new issue with subtasks.

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