How to use variables in templates on Cloud?

Issue Templates for Cloud allows users to work only with static variables. We plan to include dynamic variables in the next release of the plugin, so stay tuned.

What are static variables?

They are nothing else than are placeholders (or markups) in a template that are filled with actual values supplied by the system. Each variable refers to a specific field of the JIRA instance while the issue is being created.

There are two types of static variables you should know:

  • Default variables – these variables are already included on the platform for use. Have a look here to see a list of default static varaibles for issues and for subtasks; 
  • Custom variables – variables that you define on your own by connecting a value to a key.

How to create a new variable?

To add a new static variable with a constant value, head over to Configuration>Variables>Static variables.

To create a custom variable, you need to come up with a phrase that will serve as your key. Entering that key in your issues, you can be sure that it will be changed into the designated value.

Variables in practice

You can use variables in your templates by adding the particular sign that you previously set as your marker – for example, a dollar sign ($).

When the user creates an issue on the basis of that template, the key will be replaced by the value the user defined in their variables setting.

Note: Make sure that you use the same prefix throughout your templates. If you change your marker sign later on, you risk that other variables aren’t changed into their designated values.

Not sure how to use variables in your templates? Have a look at this video tutorial.


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